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Seven secrets of successful lessons

How to incorporate the key components of successful lessons into your planning.

5 practices for creating a classroom climate that promotes high expectations

How to create a classroom culture that supports achievement through high expectations.

7 goal setting strategies for high expectations teaching

How to set high expectation goals for your students.
four approaches

Four approaches to grouping that promote high expectations teaching

Approaches to grouping that avoid perpetuating low expectations through ability grouping

High expectations self assessment checklist

A checklist for teachers to use when evaluating their high expectations practice.

Key differences between high and low expectation teachers

A summary of the key differences between high and low expectations in practice.

What your teaching practices say about your expectations

A brief insight into what certain teaching practices reveal about your expectations and beliefs about student learning.

7 strategies for introducing self-assessment in your classroom

A series of clear steps for teaching students about self-assessment.
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