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How to transform teaching through Assessment for Learning

The key principles of Assessment for Learning and strategies for classroom implementation.

How to successfully introduce self-assessment in your classroom

How to help students learn to assess and improve their work

QUIZ: How assessment-capable are you?

A checklist to help teachers evaluate how they implement and use assessment to inform teaching and learning.

11 strategies for developing assessment-capable students

A systematic look at a series of strategies designed to boost the assessment capability of students.

8 AfL practices that motivate students

A set of Assessment for Learning strategies designed to motivate students.

A brief introduction to Assessment for Learning

Assessment for learning at a glance.

High expectations self assessment checklist

A checklist for teachers to use when evaluating their high expectations practice.

Key differences between high and low expectation teachers

A summary of the key differences between high and low expectations in practice.

What your teaching practices say about your expectations

A brief insight into what certain teaching practices reveal about your expectations and beliefs about student learning.
skills for learning

Why teach skills for learning?

Key non-cognitive skills and why they are important to learning.
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