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Te Waka STEM Innovation Hub report

A report summarising the two-year Te Waka STEM Innovation Hub project at Tauhara College in Taupō.

Burnside Primary School Bright Spots Report

A written report discussing the work being done at Burnside Primary School with a focus to develop students’ confidence and competence to communicate through a school-wide initiative to improve the teaching of oral language.

Key insights on transitions from Sally Peters and Hazel Woodhouse

Supporting children’s transitions in the early years

Learning from things schools get wrong

Ideas arising from Jared Cooney Horvath's latest book 10 things schools get wrong.

Creativity and teaching, by Tim Patston

Teacher and creativity researcher Dr Tim Patston shares his insights on teaching with, about, and for creativity

Play in schools: what we know, growing concerns, and a possible route forward

What does the research tell us about the role of play in schools

Remembering the work of Richard Elmore

Remembering the contribution of Professor Richard Elmore to education, research and policy.

6 principles of learning from Benjamin Riley

6 principles from the learning sciences research to support effective teaching

The Learning Trajectory: Key insights from Dr Jared Cooney Horvath’s webinar

What teachers need to know about how we learn and what it means for their practice

Knowledge, the curriculum and E. D. Hirsch’s latest book

What role does knowledge play in curriculum and the broader purpose of schooling?
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