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Roaming teachers mean business; Teachers mentoring teachers

How the Young Enterprise Scheme developed an initiative to support instructional coaching for teachers by teachers

The possibilities and pitfalls of measurement in education

How should educators be thinking about the role of measurement in teaching and learning?
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6 challenges facing knowledge translation work in education

The challenges facing researchers, knowledge brokers and teachers when engaging with knowledge translation

Graeme Aitken’s speech at launch

Professor Graeme Aitken reflects on why an organisation with the mission of The Education Hub is needed in the New Zealand context

Digital technologies and research

Some thoughts on technology both as a pedagogical tool and a curriculum subject
The Education Hub launch

Education Hub launches at Onehunga High School

Learn more about The Education Hub, our mission and our vision
Nine to Noon

Education Hub director Nina Hood talks with Nine to Noon’s Kathryn Ryan

The Education Hub director Dr Nina Hood spoke with RNZ’s Kathryn Ryan, saying that teachers are isolated and find it hard to keep up to date with the...

Moving beyond the binary; why focusing on skills versus knowledge is the wrong discussion

Why both skills and knowledge are essential components of learning
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