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Caring and trauma-informed approaches can make a world of difference to young children’s wellbeing...

Key insights from our webinar with Madeleine Dobson on social justice and trauma-informed practice in ECE.

Practical tips for sustaining curricular and teacher inquiry

Key insights from the webinar with Angela Hogan and Laraine Tuaputa from Kids’ Domain

How to support autistic children in ECE

Insights from our webinar with Hannah Waddington and Jessica Tupou on supporting autistic children in ECE settings

Children need to move to learn

Key insights from our webinar with Gill Connell on the importance of movement for learning

Key insights: Q&A with Gill Connell

Gill Connell answers your questions about how to support and promote movement for learning in ECE settings

Key insights: Supporting early transitions in ECE

Learn more about the international research project exploring transitions in ECE

Making connections between Te Whāriki and the NZC to support transitions

Further insights from our second webinar with Sally Peters and Hazel Wodhouse on supporting enriching transitions from ECE to school.

Drawing on Samoan indigenous knowledge to support pedagogies for infants and toddlers

Key insights from our webinar with Jacoba Matopo, Salā Faasaulala Tagoilelagi-Leota, and Tafili Utumapu-McBride

Being a behaviour detective: Looking for clues within children’s challenging behaviours

Key insights from our webinar with Anna Winneker on responding to and preventing challenging behaviours
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