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Mana-inspired leadership for bicultural teaching and learning in ECE

Key insights from ECE leader Deanna Niha on bicultural practice and leadership

Integrating Te Tiriti o Waitangi with the superdiversity of ECE in Aotearoa New Zealand

Key insights from the webinar with Jenny Ritchie and Angel Chan on supporting and working with families from a range of cultural backgrounds in ECE settings.

Intentional teaching using the practice of sustained shared thinking

Key insights from the webinar with Associate Professor Sue Cherrington and Dr Tara McLaughlin

Supporting the social emotional competence of infants and toddlers

Key insights from the webinar with Karyn Aspden and Linda Clarke on how ECE teachers can build children’s social and emotional competence.

Insight: How ECE teachers can help parents through the transition to school

Key ideas for supporting parents and children through the transition to school.

Key ideas for designing play spaces for children using contemporary art

Ideas from Dr. Louisa Penfold's webinar about how teachers can plan a material-based play space and scaffold children’s creative learning.

The importance of an ECE centre’s philosophy

Nikki Gardyne from Oma Rāpeti Early Learning Centre shares their centre’s philosophy and what it means for children and their families.

A brief overview of how to improve children’s social and emotional learning in your...

The key ideas from our webinar with Dr Tara McLaughlin and Karen MacKay on social-emotional learning

Key insights from the webinar on ICT in ECE with Professors Suzy Edwards and...

A summary of the key ideas and insights discussed in our webinar with Professors Suzy Edwards and Leon Straker on the use of ICT in ECE settings.

Relationships, collaboration and participation in diverse teaching teams

How teachers can build trusting relationships in diverse teaching teams in ECE