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The importance of an ECE centre’s philosophy

Nikki Gardyne from Oma Rāpeti Early Learning Centre shares their centre’s philosophy and what it means for children and their families.

A brief overview of how to improve children’s social and emotional learning in your...

The key ideas from our webinar with Dr Tara McLaughlin and Karen MacKay on social-emotional learning

Relationships, collaboration and participation in diverse teaching teams

How teachers can build trusting relationships in diverse teaching teams in ECE
Indoor space in ECE

The concepts underpinning good design in ECE

Dr Mike Bedford on what is needed for good design in ECE
Thalia Wright on serve and return

Thalia Wright talks about serve and return

NEXT Foundation fellowship awardee Thalia Wright talks about how she came to study the concept of serve and return, what she has learned, and how her understanding has changed and developed.
Bullying in an ECE centre

Bullying and aggression in ECE – what teachers need to know

Key ideas for teachers discussed in our bullying and aggression in ECE webinar with Dr Cara Swit.

The importance of natural elements in outdoor spaces in ECE

Some key considerations when designing outdoor spaces and activities in ECE.

The power of outdoor play for children

Why outdoor play is so beneficial for children and how to incorporate risky play in ECE

Survey: Teaching priorities in ECE

What are the teaching priorities of New Zealand's ECE teachers?

Building trustful relationships in ECE settings

Important ideas for building trustful relationships among teachers in ECE settings