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Problems of practice: The teaching and learning priorities of New Zealand school teachers

Summary of Education Hub research on what New Zealand teachers consider to be their greatest teaching and learning challenges.

What actually is happening in New Zealand schools?

Exploring whether there's enough empirical evidence demonstrating how New Zealand schools currently are implementing the Curriculum.

Reflections on New Zealand’s Education Delusion

Exploring the key ideas in the recent New Zealand Initiative report on New Zealand's schooling system.
Louisa penfold on designing play spaces

ECE webinar: Designing play spaces for children using contemporary art

Dr. Louisa Penfold discusses why materials and aesthetics are important in children’s learning, and offers strategies for designing play spaces based on contemporary art practices.
Social-emotional competence webinar

ECE webinar: Promoting children’s social-emotional learning and development

Exploring different resources, tools, and professional learning processes to support teachers to promote children’s social-emotional learning
Anne and Meg

ECE webinar: Authentically designing a curriculum aligned to local context

A discussion about the elements involved in setting up a local curriculum and look at ways to work with Te Whāriki (2017) to make this happen authentically

Muttonbirds and seven continents; the place of knowledge in the New Zealand Curriculum

Exploring issues and questions about the role of knowledge in the New Zealand Curriculum

Why the learning sciences also need curriculum design and deeper learning

Can focusing too intently on only one area of research unintentionally limit the richness of one's teaching practice?

ECE webinar and podcast with Alison Sutton from Talking Matters

Alison Sutton from Talking Matters talks to Vicki Hargraves about the importance of early language to lifelong learning.
Q&A image

Q+A with Dr Graham McPhail

Graham McPhail discusses the important role that knowledge plays in curriculum design and development