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Schools webinar: Lessons from lockdown – rethinking business as usual at secondary school

In this webinar (held on on June 2) Claire Amos (Principal at Albany Senior High School) and Louise Addison (Principal at Edgewater College) discuss the key lessons that have emerged from the lockdown period for their teachers, students and parents and how they have utilised what they’ve learned to rethink business as usual at their schools. They also reflect on what this learning might mean for education more broadly and the opportunities it presents for enacting educational reform.

Claire Amos is Principal at ASHS, NetSafe Board, William Pike Challenge Advisory Board, Network for Learning Advisory Panel, Google Certified Innovator, co-founder @DisruptEDNZ. Passionate about family, shoes, tattoos and leading change in education.

Louise Addison is Principal at Edgewater College in Auckland. She is passionate about developing innovative curriculum that will prepare students to become future innovators, entrepreneurs and change makers.