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Schools webinar: Increasing Year 9 and 10 students’ engagement and motivation in STEM subjects


James Lamb and Kris Watson of Tauhara College will present this live and interactive session. Having become concerned at how few students, especially Māori girls, participated in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects, James and Kris will explain how they used real-world problems drawn from their local community to engage students in collaborative problem-solving, including rat-trap designs to support predator-free, light installations and sculptures as part of the Taupo Winter Festival, and rockets to photograph aerial promotion shots of the school. They will share the Design Thinking Process they developed, and the rubrics they use for assessment. They will also discuss some of the critical success factors and challenges.

As usual, there will be an opportunity to ask questions during the webinar, and a recording of the webinar will be available to view on this page afterwards.