Part 2. Introducing the role of the teacher
Part 3. Exploring the role of the teacher
Part 4. The visual arts in an inquiry approach
Part 5. Developing inquiry through the visual arts
Part 6. Environments and materials for the visual arts
Part 7. Using materials intentionally in the visual arts
Part 8. Integrating visual arts into everyday teaching and learning


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The aims of this part are: 
  • To develop familiarity with the course and modes of delivery including the online discussion forum 
  • To explore the areas of learning that are supported by the visual arts 
  • To reflect upon your own beliefs and practices in relation to the visual arts
This will involve:
  • Watching an introductory video
  • Reflecting on your personal beliefs and values about the visual arts
  • Reading about children’s learning in the visual arts 
  • Watching a video in which Dr Sarah Probine explores some common beliefs and values that teachers hold about teaching the arts 
  • Writing a reflection on your personal early experiences of learning about the arts and the impact these have on your practice
  • Having a go at creating some visual art for yourself