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Some initial thoughts on how parents can support their children’s learning

As a parent, there are lots of ways that you can support the learning, wellbeing and development of your child.

Some initial thoughts on how parents can support their children’s learning

As a parent, there are lots of ways that you can support the learning, wellbeing and development of your child.

12 initial ideas for teachers and schools to consider when planning for remote learning

As the probability of wide-scale school closures becomes increasingly likely, we provide some useful ideas about distance learning for teachers and schools to consider.

Urgency, high expectations and rigour: Critical components of teaching and learning in New Zealand schools

Exploring the need for a sense of urgency, high teacher expectations and rigorous tasks in New Zealand classrooms

Beyond teaching philosophy: why memory is so important for all learning

Memory and memorisation get rather a bad rap in education. Memorisation frequently is associated with rote learning, students passively listening to lectures, and generally dull and uninspiring lessons. It further often is positioned as the bane of...

The Classroom Management Secret; lessons for starting a new school year

The start of a new school year is full of anticipation and hopefully enthusiasm. However, it also often prompts questions about what a teacher should do to ensure that they develop strong relationships with their students and...

Developing a more nuanced understanding of social emotional learning and its role in schools

Key things for teachers and schools to think about when exploring social emotional learning

Why research? Exploring the reasons for The Education Hub’s raison d’être

At the start of a new school year, Nina reflects on the aspirations of The Education Hub and why research is so important for teachers and schools and ECE centres.

Muttonbirds and seven continents; the place of knowledge in the New Zealand Curriculum

Exploring issues and questions about the role of knowledge in the New Zealand Curriculum

Five big questions, with no easy answers

Five big questions that arise from an account of the US's most successful charter school network.

The power of intentionality, coherence and being ambitious and explicit around expectations in schools

Some lessons from a high functioning American Charter Management Organisation.

Playing with knowledge: towards a broader conceptualisation of play in New Zealand schools

How can play support and enhance academic subjects and promote the types of deeper learning we want to develop in our schools?

Questioning common rhetoric and catchphrases in education; why it’s necessary

Education is full of seemingly intuitive statements. However, when we stop and think about their implications, their plausibility quickly diminishes.

A[nother] case for teaching knowledge: a book review

By Dr Nina Hood When I mention to people outside of education that the role of knowledge in education is something of a controversial topic, they don’t quite seem to believe me. Knowledge...

2019 Bright Spots Awards champion innovation in New Zealand Schools

Three new projects have won support from the Bright Spots Awards programme this year


On Knowledge; Towards understandings of the place(s), space(s) and role(s) of knowledge in and for education

A response to the somewhat contested place knowledge currently holds in schools and education. It explores the various conceptualisations and roles of knowledge in education through eight chapters by guest contributors.

The Quest for Scale: achieving system-wide innovation and improvement in education

A critical investigation into the literature on scale and scaling in education and whether an alternative paradigm for achieving improvement at scale in education is required.

White Paper: From Tinkering to Intelligent Action

This white paper explores the absence of a built-for-purpose R&D system in education that supports the generation, dissemination and application of usable knowledge to foster system-wide innovation and improvement in our schools.

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