Hiring: Operations Manager

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Hiring: Operations Manager

HomeHiring: Operations Manager

Location: Auckland (though other locations are also possible) 

Full-time role

• Founder and CEO, Nina Hood
• Direct accountability to the Trustees on operational matters

Internal – Founder, Trustees, all staff and contractors
External – Teaching and administrative staff, professional learning organisations, universities, philanthropic organisations, Ministry of Education, marketing agencies, technical web developers.New Zealand and global focus.

The purpose of this role is to oversee the main operations of The Education Hub.  The role is responsible for delivery of the website and other channels to market, marketing and new business development, online courses, and to ensure the financial performance of the business in terms of revenue, fund raising and cost management is strong.
This will be a senior role supporting the CEO and Founder who’s role is focused on research, strategy and communications.

1. Delivering Education Hub operations
  • Ensure that the design, operation and user experience of the website and other channels to market are best practise and up to date with an evolving understanding of customer needs
  • Ensure that the courses and other learning and development resources are delivered in way that meets the changing needs of education and educators
  • Manage, support and enable great performance from the team who deliver the content and courses
  • Run the budgeting process and ensure that the revenue and costs are managed within the budget.  Ensure regular reporting and visibility for the team and to the Trustees
2. Business development
  • Deliver revenue growth to achieve budget targets both within New Zealand and offshore
  • Work to convert existing offshore users of The Education Hub to the paid subscription model
  • Work to convert professional organisations and entities both domestically and offshore to paying for services
  • Attract new customers to the Education Hub both in New Zealand and offshore
3. Securing philanthropic funding
  • Develop process and tools to successfully bring in philanthropic funding, with the support of the Founder and CEO and Trustees
  • Ongoing reporting and relationship management with funding providers
4. Securing Government funding
  • Develop key relationships and knowledge of the processes within the Ministry of Education and develop a strategy to receive funding for appropriate activities performed by the Hub
  • Work with the Founder and CEO to deliver on the agreed strategy
5. Marketing
  • Ensure that an appropriate marketing plan is in place, with emphasis on global and commercial customers
  • Ensure the execution of the marketing plan, ensuring it is region specific for each relevant market
6. Supplier management
  • Manage relationships with technical web developers to ensure the sales and subscription services and products are delivered on time, in spec and at a high quality 
  • Ensure that video and other media content is to the standard required
  • Work with other suppliers as needed
7. Pricing and product management
  • Develop a pricing strategy based on customer segment, both in New Zealand and offshore
  • Implement and constantly monitor and refine the pricing strategy
  • Ensure the charitable goals of the Hub are met within the pricing strategy

The right person for this role will have spent several years with a highly responsible role in sales or business development, and will have some experience with marketing through online channels.
They will have a passion for seeing processes run smoothly and plans being executed, and a good familiarity with a broad array of business processes.

The successful applicant will have a strong sense of purpose and passion for improving education opportunities and outcomes for New Zealand children. They will be driven to make a difference in the world.
They will have a passion for growing businesses and developing high quality relationships and interactions with customers.
They will enjoy being part of a small, highly efficient team where each member of the team carries a full load and is ready to do what it takes to ensure the Hub meets its objectives.

To apply

Please send a CV and covering letter, as well as any enquiries, to nina@theeducationhub.org.nz.
Please note, only candidates who have the right to work in New Zealand will be considered for this role.

About The Education Hub

The Education Hub was launched in 2017 with a mission to bridge the gap between research and practice in education in order to improve educational opportunities and outcomes for children and young people. Our work is focused on providing early childhood and school teachers and leaders with access to high quality, reliable, and practical evidence from both research and practice to support them to enact meaningful change in their contexts of practice.

Our organisation is underpinned by a core set of values:

Rigour and evidence driven Reliable and rigorous evidence, generated by research and in practice, forms the starting point for all our work. We draw on both New Zealand and international research, as well as from various paradigms, provided it meets our standards of rigour.

Educator focused Teachers and leaders are our primary audience; we aim to be responsive to their needs and to ensure that our resources are accessible to them.

Independent We are non-partisan; and while we have a commitment to collaborate with organisations and individuals, we determine our agenda and work plan.

Committed to pluralism We believe there are high-level principles that should guide teaching and learning; however, these may be implemented in different ways to achieve common, aspirational educational outcomes for all.

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