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ECE webinar: Exploring the potential of outdoor environments for children’s wellbeing and learning

COMING SOON: 20:00 Wednesday 3 March 2021

This webinar with Dr Helen Little will explore how affordances in the outdoor environment promote children’s wellbeing and learning. The unique characteristics and stimuli of the outdoor environment provide opportunities for play-based learning experiences that cannot be replicated indoors. Being outdoors, especially in natural outdoor learning environments, provides the opportunity for authentic experiences that support children’s learning and development through open-ended interactions, exploration, discovery, risk-taking, and connection with nature.

As always, there will be opportunities to ask questions during the webinar.

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Dr Helen Little

Dr Helen Little is a Senior Lecturer in early childhood education in the School of Education, Macquarie University where she teaches on child development, outdoor learning and professional experience units. Prior to this she was an early childhood teacher with experience teaching in preschools and primary schools in Sydney. Her research examines individual, social and environmental factors influencing children’s risk-taking behaviour in outdoor play. Helen is also currently the Early Childhood Australia representative on the Standards Australia Committee for Playgrounds and Play Equipment.