Time and date: 7.30pm (NZST) Tuesday October 22, 2024

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Supporting the transition to school

Start Time: Tuesday, Oct 22, 2024 07:30 PM
Timezone: Pacific/Auckland

You can join this live webinar at the appointed time by clicking the Join via Browser button. A video recording of the session will be available on this page approximately 24 hours following the event. After watching it, you can click the Complete Lesson button at the foot of the page to gain your certificate.

About this webinar

This webinar will offer valuable insights and practical strategies to ensure a child’s transition from early childhood education to school is as smooth and positive as possible. It will discuss how to create a supportive environment that fosters continuity and security for children and their families, delve into the notion of ‘school readiness’, and explore the synergies and interrelationships between the early childhood and school curriculums.

The webinar is aimed at both early childhood and new entrant primary school teachers. Jennifer Neill is a primary school teacher and former early childhood teacher who has recently completed her PhD on the transition to school.