Assessment & Intentional Teaching in ECE | Self-Directed 2021

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    Welcome! We’re so glad you have chosen to complete this short course on early childhood assessment and intentional teaching.

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    Please note, the course is best used on a laptop, tablet or desktop computer, and is not optimised for use on mobile phone.

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    The course has a strong focus on understanding the nature of quality in assessment in Early Childhood Education (ECE), and on helping you to engage in high-quality assessment practice that supports you to notice, recognise and respond to children’s learning in intentional and meaningful ways.

    There is also a strong practical component to the course, and you will be supported to observe, assess, and intentionally plan for learning within your own setting.

    The course comprises three modules, and each module is organised into parts. Each part is estimated to be about one hour’s work, not including additional tasks that you will complete in your early childhood setting. Please work your way through each module in order, using the Complete buttons to keep track of your progress.

    You will find the following elements throughout the course:

    • Videos to watch and readings to introduce key ideas.
    • Questions for reflection, to help you engage as much as possible with the course content. Some of these might be personal, written reflections that you complete on your own, and others will invite you to find a colleague at work with whom to engage in professional discussion, using our reflective questions as a prompt.
    • Activities, such as evaluating and writing learning stories, so you can apply what you are learning about assessment and intentional teaching.

    In the last section of the course, we will ask you to provide feedback on your experience. As you go through the course, please note any issues or mistakes, and include those in your feedback to help us to refine the course experience. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    We look forward to working with you. Once you’re enrolled, you can get started on Module 1 below whenever you like!