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Big Ideas webinar series

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About this series

Education is facing a number of challenges, and addressing them will require diverse, informed, and courageous thinking. The Big Ideas webinar series seeks to promote discussion on important, complex and, at times, competing ideas that are relevant to the future of New Zealand’s education system.


This series intentionally features speakers with diverse perspectives. It is not expected that viewers will agree with all of the ideas discussed; indeed, it is highly likely that The Education Hub as an organisation will not agree with everything that is presented during the series. However, it is critical to progress that we are able to listen to ideas, to seek to understand the arguments being made, and to engage in constructive and consensus-building conversation. We hope you will join us for these thought-provoking sessions.

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Deeper learning

Professor Jal Mehta (Harvard University) will discuss what he means by the term deeper learning, why it is important, and what it can look like in different school contexts

Educational technology and inequality

This webinar will explore trends, issues, and possibilities related to the role of technology in education, with particular focus on the continuing digital inequalities that exist and the social and educational implications of these disparities

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Mātauranga Māori in education

This webinar explores questions related to mātauranga Māori in education.

Unschooling and self-directed education

This webinar focuses on the concept of unschooling, an approach to self-directed education, which puts children in control of their learning.

Knowledge and curriculum: changing perspectives

This webinar explores how we position and understand the role of knowledge within education and schooling and how this links to the design, development, and implementation of the curriculum.

Indigenisation and Indigenous inclusion

Associate Professor Te Kawehau Hoskins and Professor Alison Jones discuss how taking an indigenisation approach to education might offer more hopeful possibilities for education as we continue to think about our obligations under Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Principles of quality teaching and school leadership

Professor Rob Coe discusses his work developing the Great Teaching Toolkit, an evidence-based curriculum for teacher learning, plus tools and instruments to provide feedback for professional development
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