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Literacy: Why it matters

The importance of literacy is promoting a wide range of outcomes in education and beyond

Theories of early literacy development

An overview of the key theories that describe how children develop the language and cognitive skills that underpin the process of reading and writing

Literacy and assessment

Understanding what to measure and how and why to measure it when evaluating students’ learning in early reading and writing

The pedagogy of reading

An overview of the key principles in teaching early reading

Marginalised adolescent literacy learners

How to support students who need to make accelerated progress in literacy.

Literacy across the curriculum at secondary school

The importance of literacy teaching and learning across all curriculum areas at secondary school, and strategies for taking a cross-curricular approach.


Increasing akonga oral language confidence and competence

Trudi Browne and Nic Rickard from Burnside School present this webinar, and discuss how a collaborative, whole school approach to oral language professional learning led to significant changes in akonga oral communication confidence and competence.


Oracy Framework rubric

As a registered user of The Education Hub, you are welcome to locally print, display and share this PDF of the Oracy Framework rubric,...

Discussion roles

"I have greatly appreciated the research that I have read and used to support my work."

Sarah, Year 5-6 teacher



Burnside Primary School Bright Spots Report

A written report discussing the work being done at Burnside Primary School with a focus to develop students’ confidence and competence to communicate through a school-wide initiative to improve the teaching of oral language.



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