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Strategies for promoting a growth mindset

A set of practical strategies designed to help students develop resilience in their learning.

Mindset self-evaluation for teachers

A tool designed to help teachers reflect on the extent to which you employ a growth or a fixed mindset in your practice.

An introduction to growth mindset

A summary of the research into growth mindset and why it is so important for learning.


"I found this section really informative – the case studies make it really easy to see how to take the next step... into the classroom"

Helen J, Year 5 teacher



The power of student mindsets and direct instruction and why neither is uniformly informing the practice of NZ teachers

Exploring the reasons for the disconnect between research and practice in New Zealand education


Beliefs, behaviours and actions associated with a growth mindset

An introduction to the research on the importance of mindsets, and associated beliefs, behaviours and actions