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Learning at home: Supporting twice-exceptional learners

Strategies for helping to support the home-based learning of gifted students who have one or more co-existing learning challenges.

Taking action: A short guide to cybersafety for parents

The most important steps you need to take to keep your children safe online, with links to a number of useful cybersafety tools and resources.

How teachers can support student engagement in online learning

How teachers can develop the conditions and practices online to support student engagement.

Learning at home: Supporting children with Special Education Needs

Some specific ideas to help parents establish routines and support their children’s learning at home.

Home learning: Developing a structure for your day

While the research base is rather limited on structuring a day for home learning, there are some underlying principles based on research about effective learning and human behaviour, that might be useful.

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Supporting wellbeing and resilience

Simple but effective ways for parents and caregivers to enhance wellbeing and build resilience in children while on lockdown.

The importance of play for wellbeing and learning at all ages

An introduction to the different types of play and their extensive benefits for children’s emotional wellbeing and cognitive development.