• Application Details

    There are two parts to the application process – a written application and a 2-3 minute pitch video.

    Note: if you would like to start your application and return to finish it later you will find a "Save and Continue Later" link at the bottom of the application form. This will provide you a secure, unique link to return to your application form at any time to complete it before submission.

    If you have any questions about the application process we suggest that you either join one of our online information sessions or send an email to nina@theeducationhub.org.nz. nina@theeducationhub.org.nz.

    Written Application

    We have aimed to make the written application as straightforward and easy to complete as possible. It is anticipated that the whole application should be between 1000 and 1500 words.

  • Please list the full names and positions of other staff members involved in the project.
  • What is the problem, issue or challenge that your school or centre is facing and that your innovation will address? Please include any data or evidence you have collected that identifies the problem or challenge e.g. student achievement data, student engagement data, and teacher or student voice. (200 words)
  • Briefly outline what you have already done to explore possible solutions to your identified problem or challenge. This could be research you have done or things that you have already developed and tried in your setting. (200 words)
  • Briefly describe the innovation or new approach that you would like to implement and evaluate, and how it will address the problem identified. (200-250 words) Your answer should cover:

    • Description of the innovation/new approach you want to develop and implement
    • What ages, year level(s) and/or subject areas the innovation will focus on
    • The number of students/children and teachers involved in the trialling of the innovation
    • Your current stage of progress in designing and/or implementing the innovation in your school

  • Briefly describe how being part of the Bright Spots programme will help you to progress your project. (200 words)
  • Select the amount of funding you think you need to make your project successful. less than $10,000 $10,001 - $20,000 $20,001 - $30,000 $30,000 +
  • Explain how this funding would help you to achieve something you otherwise would not be able to do. (200 words)
  • Video Pitch

    We are keen to hear you describe your innovation/new practice, why it is important for your school (and also potentially New Zealand schools/ECE centres more broadly) and why you think you deserve and would benefit from a bright spots award.

    We will be assessing the videos based on the content in them rather than their production quality. The time limit will be strictly enforced.

  • Please provide a website link to your application video on youtube or another hosted video platform. Click here for instructions on how to create and upload your video (opens in new window).

  • Approval and Consent

  • Your principal/centre leader must approve your application. By checking the yes box you are confirming that your principal/centre leader has read and approved this application.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.