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Bear Settles into Lockdown

Picture books are a useful resource for teachers and parents when tackling difficult or sensitive issues. Because COVID-19 has come upon us so quickly, there hasn’t been time to commission, write and publish good quality children’s literature for this purpose.

To fill this gap, Carol Mutch, a professor at the University of Auckland has put her educational and story-telling skills to work to tell the story of a toy bear’s time in lockdown. Originally, a series of Facebook posts to entertain family and friends, Bear’s adventures have gone global. They are available here as a pdf that can be read on an electronic device.

There are many discussion points along the way, depending on the level of the children hearing or reading the story.

Click on the ‘Download PDF’ button to access the story book.

In Book 2, Bear gets bored and frustrated with the lockdown but learns that keeping active and helping around the house improve his mood. He even begins a fitness regime. As Easter approaches, Bear reinforces the stay home message and finds ways to have fun and be kind to others.

Make sure that you also check out Book 1 – Bear Goes into Lockdown and Book 3 – Bear stays in Lockdown

By Carol Mutch

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