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Evidence-based PD for schools: taking assessment to the next level


The Education Hub encourages schools to participate in the Assessment Lead Programme, delivered by the UK’s Evidence-Based Education (EBE). Starting at the beginning of Term 4, this year-long course supports leaders to make their school’s approach to assessment more efficient, enabling teachers to make more reliable judgements about what students know, can do, and their next steps. 

The programme provides a framework for improving a school’s in-house assessment approach, both formative and summative. It includes evidence-based training, practical tools and resources, guidance for implementation, and a collaborative model of development and expert support.

In line with the best available evidence in teacher PLD, the programme is structured over a year, with participants learning and developing their practice in manageable units and at their own pace.

The course is designed for two or more participants from each school – one should be a senior leader in charge of assessment and/or professional learning, and the other could be a senior or middle leader. 

Assessment Lead

Year-long course for schools – starting October 2020

This programme will encourage you to re-think your approach to assessment and support you to implement change. The programme runs for one year, with participants learning and developing their practice in manageable units, at their own pace.

All learning materials, tools, resources and support are delivered via an engaging online learning platform. However, the real learning takes place in your school; applying the theory to your individual context, using the resources, working with colleagues to design and refine your assessment processes, and generally honing your school’s ability to harness the power of assessment. It is expected that the course will feed directly into your school’s PLD programme for 2021.

Stage 1:

Extend your assessment knowledge, skills and confidence

Stage 2:

Put your learning into effect; get practical and learn from experience

Stage 3:

Roll out the improvement of assessment quality and practice across your school

Assessment Lead will:

  • Deepen pedagogical content knowledge of the fundamental underlying principles and practices of great assessment, no matter the subject or phase of education;
  • Help to reduce unnecessary workload and increase the effectiveness of classroom practice by honing the skill of evidence-informed decision-making;
  • Guide teachers to question existing practices;
  • Help link assessment with curriculum and pedagogy, to improve student outcomes;
  • Reframe the value of assessment, offering case studies and advice from other school leaders;
  • Help teachers remove the guesswork from teaching through use of more dependable information;
  • Help teachers to better understand the impact of their teaching on students’ learning, so that they can make better decisions about what happens next; and
  • Maximise the power of assessment as a tool for learning.

We are helping 10 schools with fees

Our 50% fee subsidies have now been allocated, but schools are still welcome to apply to participate in the course. 


About Evidence Based
Education (EBE)

EBE was founded in 2014 with a mission to help develop the quality of teaching in schools around the world by drawing on the best available research evidence in areas that make a difference to student outcomes. They have worked with schools, districts and governments around the world and trained more than 9000 educators and policy makers. They work as a ‘plug-in’ organisation which seeks partnerships with like-minded individuals and groups who understand their local contexts.

What people are saying about the Assessment Lead course

“The Assessment Lead Programme is some of the best CPD I have had in 25+ years of teaching!”

Steve Mills


"Really enjoying my ongoing professional learning on assessment. I would highly recommend it to other school leaders who are looking to understand more about assessment."

Jon Tait (@TeamTait)

Deputy Headteacher

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Assessment Lead Programme

Closing date for applications: EXTENDED TO Friday August 28 2020

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    The course fee is GBP1000 (approximately $2000, subject to currency fluctuations), and will be invoiced when your application is accepted. Payment must be received by the end of Term 3.

    If your school is keen to participate but is unable to afford the fee, please contact Nina@theeducationhub.org.nz