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Bringing you world-class evidence-based professional development

The Education Hub has partnered with UK-based Evidence-Based Education (EBE) to bring New Zealand teachers some outstanding research-informed professional development opportunities. The first of these is Assessment Essentials, a 10-week online course that helps you make students’ learning more visible and maximises the power of assessment as a learning tool. 

Assessment Essentials

10-week online course – email us for the next start date

Led by Prof Stuart Kime, in conjunction with international experts, this course follows a micro-lesson structure, designed to fit around the busy timetable of teachers and requires a commitment of around 1.5 hours per week.

Its key goals are to: (1) help make students’ learning more visible and, thereby, increase confidence in the dependability of decisions made in the classroom and beyond; and (2) help maximise the power of assessment as a learning tool.

Broaden your skills

Learn how to put the best available evidence into practice to have the greatest impact on student outcomes

Keep a balance

With micro-lessons that are designed to fit around your busy lifestyle, this course requires a commitment of only 1.5 hours per week

Worldwide experience

Over the past 6 years, EBE has trained somewhere in the region of 9,000 educators and policy-makers from Australia to Mexico, and Nigeria to Switzerland

Weekly schedule

Week 1: Introduction and perspectives on assessment
Week 2: Making the invisible (learning) visible
Week 3: Harnessing assessment as a learning event
Week 4: Intent, implementation and impact
Week 5: Enhancing your assessment practice

Week 6: The power and potential of feedback & delivering it effectively
Week 7: Fairness in assessment
Week 8: Theory into practice: selecting and designing assessments
Week 9: Theory into practice: selecting and designing assessments (pt.2)
Week 10: Embedding great assessment in your classroom

Assessment Essentials will:

  • Deepen pedagogical content knowledge of the fundamental underlying principles and practices of great assessment, no matter the subject or phase of education;
  • Help to reduce unnecessary workload and increase the effectiveness of classroom practice by honing the skill of evidence-informed decision-making;
  • Guide teachers to question existing practices;
  • Help link assessment with curriculum and pedagogy, to improve student outcomes;
  • Reframe the value of assessment, offering case studies and advice from other school leaders;
  • Help teachers remove the guesswork from teaching through use of more dependable information;
  • Help teachers to better understand the impact of their teaching on students’ learning, so that they can make better decisions about what happens next; and
  • Maximise the power of assessment as a tool for learning.

20% discount for Hub users

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About Evidence Based
Education (EBE)

EBE was founded in 2014 with a mission to help develop the quality of teaching in schools around the world by drawing on the best available research evidence in areas that make a difference to student outcomes. They have worked with schools, districts and governments around the world and trained more than 9000 educators and policy makers. They work as a ‘plug-in’ organisation which seeks partnerships with like-minded individuals and groups who understand their local contexts.

What people are saying about Assessment Essentials

"Signing up to Assessment Essentials has had a positive impact on my day-to-day teaching. I am making better assessment-related decisions in my lessons and taking a lead role in assessment in my school."

Nikki Booth

Assessment Advisor

"I would recommend Assessment Essentials to every teacher"

Alex Turnbull


"This course is a refreshing and welcome opportunity to question, analyze, attack our current assessment practices with the object of refining them or completely re-designing them."

Basil Tulesi

Psychology Teacher

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